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Pre-school children have available the programs known as EARLY INTERVENTION. These programs are to be consistent with public school programs for children needing specially designed instruction, and the educational plans developed help support a transition from Early Intervention into public school.

The recognition by our Congress that most learning disabled children have greater improvement when they are together with typical children in school has been commonly known as the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Our public schools strive to develop specially designed instruction for children having learning differences while they are with typical children. Inclusion of typical children in a learning disabled child's classroom, not only facilitates understanding by typical children of people in our society whose have learning differences, but also raises the probability of achievement of meeting IEP goals and objectives.

We at Litman Law Office will help you fight for the appropriate curriculum for your child, and work with you through the IEP process, including any legal fight in a Due Process Hearing.